Isn't it amazing how commercials get better and more creative every year?


It's my first post and as we're coming to the end of 2014 (time flies by so quick!), I only felt it was right to share my top 5 ads of this year. There were so many commercials that come to mind but I had to cut it down to only five, just because if I put down my top 10 or 15, this would be a never ending post. Nobody wants a never ending post. They want to quickly read something and then quickly read something else and then read something else and then go on Facebook and then check their get my point. 

OK. So, here's my top 5. Do let me know on Twitter or comment below what you think or which ones I may have missed out! The countdown is also going from 5 to 1, just because we keep the suspense all the way until the end :)

PS - Don't worry if some made you cry. I cried after watching a lot of them.

5. Procter & Gamble - Thank You, Mom

To put it simply, by the end of the video, it inspired me to work as hard as possible and achieve great things in life to give my mother the same sense of happiness as seen in the video. 

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Then and Now

#TheNextBigThing. Round of applause for Samsung. They have been trying extremely hard by spending millions of dollars to show why their product is better than their arch nemesis - the iPhone. Remember - The Next Big Thing ad? It was good. But I feel like the one below is better. Having an Apple ecosystem myself, this commercial made me slightly consider getting a Samsung. But that thought didn't last long. Still, got to give credit where credit is due. Samsung, you win with this commercial.

3. Hootsuite - "Mean Tweets": A Hootsuite Dashboard Update

I am a huge fan of Hootsuite and what they have accomplished. Not only was their introduction to their very beautiful new dashboard amazing, it made me look back at how they have grown and where they have reached. How genius was it to copy Jimmy Fallon's popular Mean Tweets? Also, watching Ryan Holmes read the last mean tweet was unexpected and pretty cool.

2. Nike - Winner Stays

What makes a good ad popular and successful is how they tell the story and how memorable it is. Nike have always done a fantastic job with making World Cup ads. Remember the one for South Africa 2010? The advert for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil hit home for me because it had all the stars, humour and great story. My favourite part - "Zlatan thinks that Zlatan should take it". Oh Mr. Ibrahimovic, you are so cool.

1. WestJet Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving

Bravo WestJet, you made an entire country ball into tears, for the second year in a row! The Christmas commercial from last year was amazing and I thought to myself then that there was no way they can top that. Well, they did. Really well too. This ad got me into the spirit of the festive season! 

That's my top 5 ads from the year and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Think there's an ad I missed? I want to hear your thoughts so do drop a comment below or tweet me if you like.