Due to restructuring issues, I lost my job

Losing your job is never easy, especially when you were at a company you loved working with. This was a very difficult moment personally. However, I felt compelled to share what happened because I feel it can help people in similar situations.

Coming out of university and getting my first job was a memorable moment. The feeling when you get that phone call saying "Hey, we wish to offer you a position at our company," is indescribable. You start shaking, get a rush of blood and immediately start calling your loved ones telling them the good news. A post on my Instagram about signing my first professional contract:

Signing my first professional contract with ePACT Network. A memorable moment

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I had a magical time at ePACT Network. It was an amazing experience working with such a wonderful and talented company. Great culture and great people. Just when I hit half a year with them, I was let go due to restructuring issues. Holy moly was that tough to take. All the hard work felt like it was for nothing. I began to doubt myself, started stressing out, stopped thinking properly and had sleepless nights fearing the worst. 

10 days after being let go, I was offered a position with 2014 Notable Awards best digital and media company in Western Canada, Market One Media Group. Well Hasnain, what the hell happened to all the sadness? This, next part will explain what happened in between that time and how I picked myself back up.

As mentioned before, I wrote this so I can help others and to also talk about how I conducted my job search. I've put them in bullet points below so it's easier to read and follow rather than having long, never ending sentences.

  • First off, don't blame yourself. The most difficult thing was to realize that there's things outside your control and you just have to accept that it is a part of life. 
  • Breathe and stay relaxed. Get ready for the job hunt and be excited for the next opportunity. 
  • Fix your resume and keep doing it. Go back to it everyday and see how you can make it better. Show it to people and get their thoughts on it. Make it a habit so you know you are always sending the best of yourself when applying to jobs. Speaking of which, have you updated your LinkedIn profile?
  • Exhaust your network! Remember all those networking events you went to and collected all those fancy business cards? Contact them. Meet them for coffee and ask questions. Don't beg for a job. Have a conversation on how they reacted to a difficult time in their professional life. Try to learn as much as possible and see if there may be someone they know. 
  • Only apply to positions that you are actually interested in. Applying to everything and anything can lead to one of two things. One, you are wasting your own time, and that of the hiring manager. It's a complete waste of time. Two, you may get called in for a position you didn't really want and end up at a job that sucks. 
  • Give yourself a checklist of jobs you should apply to. For example, I researched them heavily before sending in my application. I looked at the success of the company, distance from home, industry they are in, the team and culture they inhibit. 
  • Have a quota of the number of jobs you should apply for in a day. My first 2 jobless days was me being in a state of panic and fear. So I applied to 15-20 a day. It was a terrible idea. They weren't thought out applications and after I saw weak results, my strategy changed. Focused on 3-4 companies a day and spent a lot of time applying to them. Quality > Quantity. 
  • Always send a cover letter with your resume. Do they really read it? Yes, they do. Very carefully. So write it well.
  • Learn from mistakes. If you messed up an interview, it's not the end of the world.
  • Constantly go back to your networks and support systems asking them for advice. Remember, you are not alone and there will always be people to provide insight. Most of the time when they say something, you'll be like "Oh snap, I didn't even think about that." 
  • Take breaks. Eat and sleep well. 

A few days ago, I accepted a position at Market One Media Group. They are a fantastic team and can't wait to get the ball rolling with them. 

I'd like to take this moment to thank my close friends, mentors and fellow colleagues during a very testing time. Support is what keeps one going. 

I understand that this was a very sporadic post and all over the place. It's difficult to explain but the final point I want to make is that being let go and finding your next job is a team effort. You are not alone and use every bit of support you can get. Having the right people around you and taking the proper steps to make sure things are done properly. Keep the positive attitude and it'll all be okay :)

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Thanks for reading and your continued support.