Vinesh Parmar will give a prediction - Hasnain Raza will donate money to charity

    Vinesh Parmar (also known as Vin/Vinnie/Cesc[haha]) is a great friend whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for over 14 years. He is also a talented soccer pundit and studying sports journalism at the University of Kent. I've enjoyed reading his articles on Think Football and I'm a huge fan of his work. Oh, and he is an Arsenal fan. I know :( 

    For this piece, we decided to make it with a little twist. Vin will give his prediction on how the Premier League will stand at the end of the season and every prediction he gets right, I will donate $5 to charity. 

    Before we get to the predictions, I just want to use this opportunity to give a special thank you to everyone for their wonderful words of support. My website had over 1,400 page views from 23 different countries in only 48 hours. It was beyond amazing. I was deeply humbled and grateful.

    Okay, so, here is what Vin predicts on how the table stands:

1) Manchester City – They’ve managed to keep pace with the leaders, playing far from their best. In David Silva and Sergio Agüero they have the two best players in the league, along with a squad and manager quite capable of digging deep and securing the title. 

2) Chelsea – Perhaps the most complete team in world football since Jupp Heynckes’ Bayern Munich; Mourinho has assembled the best XI in the league but you fear for their longevity. Along with that, it’s a team easily unbalanced by a missing component.

3) Arsenal – This placement is probably more through hope than expectation. If Wenger listens to his thousands of advisers on Twitter, he should be fine. This squad, when it isn’t continually regenerating itself, is capable of the sublime.

4) Manchester United – Louis van Gaal’s team have been the source of some horrible memes depicting their top-heavy squad and that’s why I reckon they’ll still have to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

5) Tottenham Hotspurs – They are the perennial underachievers but realistically fifth looks as about as good as it will get for them. You can expect to watch Spursday night football in next season’s Europa League.

6) Southampton – Sustainable progress under Koeman, culminated through improvements in specific departments (Victor Wanyama can pass the ball now) and a suitable system. You just hope they ride the loss of in-form Sadio Mané. 

7) Liverpool – Brendan ‘Fraudgers’ (I hate social media sometimes) has shown just how much Luis Suárez meant to his title charge last season. Poor recruitment has affected their season but a returning Daniel Sturridge and individual quality should spare some embarrassment. 

8) Swansea City – Regardless of Gary Monk looking like he needs to go to rehab, he’s done a great job of making a coherent attacking side. Losing Bony to AFCON is something that they simply won’t cope with and that’s where their campaign will stutter.

9) Everton – It’s been a difficult first half of the season. With essentially the same set up as last season’s impressive run, Martinez can only improve fortunes at Goodison Park – if he isn’t axed. 

10)  Newcastle United – Pardiola’s left into the sunset but the one constant through this torrid time remains: Mike Ashley. Off-pitch turmoil has limited their capability but the Magpies displayed on that inexplicable run of good form that they aren’t entirely hopeless. 

Could Aguero make all the difference for City's title charge?

Could Aguero make all the difference for City's title charge?

11)  West Ham – I have a feeling I may get this one spectacularly wrong. Their impressive leap from ‘19th Century’ to modern day football still has some convincing to do. AFCON claiming two key players won’t help. 

12)  Stoke City – Their customary mid-table finish looks most likely. Even with their scouts having infiltrated La Masia, not much will change with respect to their league position. 

13)  West Bromwich Albion – I take my cap off to Tony Pulis for saving their season (which he eventually will). It’s what he does. They have the adequate attacking talent to see it through, because you know the defence will be well-drilled under the sergeant.

14)  Sunderland – The enigma that is the Black Cats looks to be undressing itself. There’s more definition to this side, more purpose and more belief. 

15)  Aston Villa – The most efficient side in the league in terms of goals scored to games played. There will be a relegation worry but Lambert and the boys should see it through.

16)  Crystal Palace – Another prediction that I think could fall flat on its face. Gynaecologist Alan Pardew is obviously not the most talented manager in the league but their problems are more deep rooted than that. The team seem somewhat limited of late, and they need a striker this transfer window.  

17)  Queens Park Rangers – I hate to say it but I think ‘Arry will wheel and deal his way out of relegation. He’s a hopeless manager and could see survival hinge on their home form.

18)  Leicester City – In my head there are a few similarities to the Blackpool side that got relegated under Ian Holloway. Purely because there’s a bit of audacity to their approach play just no tangible results.

19)  Hull City – Steve Bruce momentarily convinced everyone that the Tigers could step up their game. However, they have been abysmal this season compared to last and that may show even more in the second half.

20)  Burnley – Simply put they are the worst team in the league. It’s difficult under their constraints. Their first game of the season, against Chelsea, summarises what has happened and what I expect to happen ‘til the end of the season. 

So, what do you think about his predictions? Join our conversation on the comments below or on Twitter - @hasnainr9 and @VineshParmar4. Remember to check back on the second part at the end of the season where we will see how he did and how much I gave to charity!


By Vinesh Parmar. Editing and intro by Hasnain Raza

Photo Credit:Daily Mail